Transplant Gift-Sterling Kidney Charm with Vintage Czech Glass Stone


This Sterling Kidney Charm with Vintage Czech Glass Stone is a special and unusual piece from my collection. I found a cache of these vintage glass stones with a flower relief design. These are old Czech glass pieces which I had framed with sterling silver settings. I then added a 15mm sterling kidney charm and a matching chain. I have another one of these pieces listed here in Green. There are other colors as well that are not made into necklaces yet, so if interested in either Navy, Rust, darker Rust/Carnelian color, let me know and I can make something special for you. I use a lot vintage stones, parts and beads in my full time jewelry and especially love finding uncirculated beads and components still in their original paper wrappings. Digging through drawers and boxes in warehouses, auctions and antique markets for buried bead treasure is my idea of fun!  

This piece comes in a kidney colored velvet box. 

I have these vintage glass focal pieces as pendants on my non kidney website, with pearl drops instead of kidneys, at If you see something there that you would like, please email me from that site and ask for an invoice, as there is no shopping cart at this time. 

If you haven’t read my About Page, you may be wondering why I have an entire website devoted to kidney shaped items. I’m a long time kidney patient with 10 years of dialysis behind me and have now celebrated my 15th year with a living donor kidney transplant from a very special cousin. I had already been making jewelry full time, but added my kidney jewelry line soon after my transplant because I couldn’t locate a meaningful gift to present to my donor as a token of my gratitude. About then, the internet became easier for novices to create websites and so I thought I would try to create a small site and post a few kidney jewelry items to see if anyone else was looking for special gifts for their living donors. I was quite surprised when orders came in from around the world. My kidney jewelry is now in every US state and 15 countries spanning 5 continents. So…if you know anyone in Antarctica who needs kidney jewelry, let me know.

It is my mission to create special gifts of gratitude between recipients and their Heroes or as gifts for other special people who either nurtured you along your journey, or helped make the transplant possible. Don’t forget your surgeons and transplant coordinators who do so much to make us feel well again.

Priority shipping is recommended for this item. It would be shipped in a box, arrives within 3 days within the US  and includes $50 in free insurance.
First Class is shipped in a bubble envelope and can take between 3-10 days to arrive. There is no insurance included.

Shipping within Illinois will include sales tax.

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