Kidney Transplant Donor/Recipient Gift Sets

I struggled with a gift idea for my own living donor in 2002. There simply are no gifts that can compare to being given the Gift of Life by our Hero Donors or Donor families. We can only present symbols of our heartfelt appreciation, something that will always be a positive and meaningful talisman.

The sets on this page are designed to share between kidney donors and recipients. It is my hope that these symbols act as positive reminders of what’s important for both giver and receiver. These are Gifts Of Gratitude for the ultimate Gift of, and in, Life. They remind both recipient and donor of a unique journey in life, taken together.

These sets are designed for women, men or transplants between genders. If you see other items on my website that would be better suited for your needs, I will be happy to customize a gift with two same or similar Items, or two different category items with the same kidney charm, such as two key rings with the same (or even different) kidney charms. Contact me with your thoughts on special items for your Donor/Recipient gift set.

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