What Others Are Saying

“These necklaces were the most perfect and beautiful gift to share with my donor-there isn’t much out there in the way of kidney donation jewelry with this much care and class put into it…so thank you for doing what you do. It means a lot to both of us.”
Anna Kaschner, 2017

“I am truly impressed by your service. I had never had anyone care so much about their customers. Thank you so much!”  Maria Saavedra, In 2016

“Transplant went well. It is, as you know, a journey of a recovery. I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful work you do. Everyone loved the necklaces very much. And I absolutely loved the Hero book. The rose quartz kidneys were held during the surgery. I believe in the energy of these crystals and the collective energy of all of us focused on the same positive outcome. I just wanted you to know the work you do is so very meaningful and so very much appreciated…Thank you!”
Krys Whitmore, NJ 2016

“I recently donated a kidney to my high school principal from 25 years ago. He has become a very important person in my life and it was an easy decision for me. His two daughters gave me this beautiful necklace before I left the hospital. Thank you for making this beautiful jewelry, I absolutely love my keepsake representing the best decision I ever made.”
Amber Lyle, Iowa 2016

“My friend was completely surprised and delighted by the gift. She was particularly moved by the thoughtful enclosures and information on your efforts, as was I. On her behalf and on behalf of the recipient of her incredible, life-saving kidney donation, thank YOU for all you do. I so appreciated being able to acknowledge her courage with such a beautiful and poignant gift.”
Harriet Baron, California 2016

“Just a note to let you know that my niece, who donated her kidney, loved the Tree of Life Pendant I purchased from you… Thanks for your commitment to the transplant cause and providing such wonderful gifts. Your website is now in my Favorites list.”
Jean Langenhuizen, Wisconsin 2016

“OMGosh! I LOVE IT! Thank you for sending it so quickly… I know she’ll love it.” …”You are doing a FABULOUS thing by making little kidneys. I have a few friends that I’m going to share your page with. I think they’d like to see what good you are doing. Keep up the fantastic work. You’re the best! Thank you, Myra!”
Pam Alley, Maine 2016

“Myra, Just wanted to let you know I received the 3 necklaces, and they are BEAUTIFUL!! From the pendants to the beautiful packaging, I could not be more pleased! I will take pictures when I surprise my mom and sister with them on the big day and post to your Facebook page.”
Jen Buczkowski, Canada 2015

“Myra, thank you so much for helping with the fast turn around. I will take a picture of my son and his mother and send it to you, so you can see the joy your jewelry brought them. I’ll also spread the word about your website and story.”
Chris Cook, Massachusetts 2015

“My mother absolutely LOVED her jewelry! She especially loved the anatomical kidney; she said she couldn’t wait to show her nephrologist. She literally cried tears of joy, she was so happy. Thank you again!”
Roosevelt Price, Illinois 2015

“Thanks for creating this jewelry! You do a beautiful job and I wish you continued health and happiness! Art like yours helps us show our gratitude and remember in our hearts the gift we’ve been blessed with. It’s also a wonderful conversation piece!”
Ana B Texas 2014

“I’m thinking of having the word “Believe” engraved on the back (of the scrollwork kidney pendant)… Believing in faith, the doctors & trusting that everything would be ok. I know (my mother) will be equally, if not more, touched by your story. You are doing a beautiful service with your creativity. Many people do not understand what an important moment a transplant represents… thank you! “
Jennifer O, Illinois 2014

“I received the second necklace today! It is absolutely beautiful!! I have decided to give my donor that one and know she will really love it! I’m going to wear the other necklace which will represent the journey I have been on. Myra, your items are all very special and fill a very special need! God bless you for being you and for your special talent!! Thanks again and be well!!!”
Julie Ohme, Illinois 2014

“I received my order today and as I opened each bag it was like finding a treasure! What a gift to have found your site! Your little notes on storage and info on the pieces helpful as well and I appreciate the time and energy you put into your business to make it so personalized. Many, many thanks!
Alyna W. Colorado 2014

”I LOVE the (liver) lapel pin and necklace! They are both fabulous! Thank you for the liver-colored bags as well – nice touch! I’ll be checking your site periodically for new and exciting transplant gifts! I was thrilled to read that you are a kidney transplant survivor yourself and that you donate part of the proceeds from each sale. You rock! Thank you!”
Joy O, Florida 2014

“Thanks so much for your help. Please be on the lookout for “guy” things. Of course, we will want to do this again next year – and loved working with you.
Lori ML, Wisconsin 2014

“Myra, I absolutely love this necklace! It is so much more beautiful than I expected! Thank you for using your talent to create such beautiful reminders of how much we have to give and how precious it is to do so.”
Pam Kurpess, Massachusetts, 2013

“Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I’m so impressed. The jewelry is so beautiful… I really loved the handwritten cards, the information cards, and the classy packaging. I can tell you try really hard to make your gifts special and that means a lot to me.
T.H. Utah 2013

”Myra, I wanted to get back with you to tell you what a blessing the bracelet is! I love it. I was too excited to wait until the surgery to give it to my sister so I had the heart engraved with “2013” on one side and “Gift of Life” on the other as soon as I received it and gave it to her this past weekend while we were together. It has been a HUGE hit with everyone! Thank you, again!”
S.L. Indiana 2013

“I’m very excited about your website. My best friend just had a kidney transplant in late January. She is doing great and today is her birthday. I’m late ordering, but this gift is worth waiting for. I had to find the right thing and you made that possible. Thank you!”
M.S. South Carolina 2013

“The jewelry that I ordered from your website was sent to me in Australia, was received very quickly, and was beautifully presented. My sister and I will be very proud to give the jewelry to our aunty in gratitude for her gift of a kidney to my father, which is priceless.
D.S. New South Wales, Australia 2012

”Thank you for creating such touching and thoughtful jewelry. I wanted to buy her something with meaning and the tree of life w/kidney was just the right gift.”
D.H. Nevada 2012

“I received the absolutely beautiful mother of pearl necklace today and was so excited when I opened it…WOW…much prettier than the website showed. I couldn’t wait to give this to my friend and she was “over the moon” and loved everything about it. She is also a jewelry designer and I rarely give her jewelry, but this was just amazing and so was her reaction…worth every penny! As educators, we really liked the idea that you donate a portion of your sales to educate others about kidney transplants!“
B.M, Florida 2012

“I am a recent kidney donor and my daughter purchased a great kidney pin from your site for me. I would now like to add one of your kidney charms to a bracelet. Thank you-I had been looking for a way to commemorate this great experience in my life.”
P.L. Ohio 2012

“Just gave the beautiful necklace to our donor tonight, she was thrilled. We will both wear them proudly. Thank you! You and your creative pendants are an inspiration and a great tribute to our donors and their gift of life.”
P.E. New Hampshire 2012

“Myra, thank you so much – the necklace is beautiful. And thank you for sending the little cards about your efforts, and especially for your personal note!! What a fabulous gift. I am so glad I found your site!!”
T.R Florida 2012

“…I am so blessed and so very thankful to be here, all because of my daughter’s selfless act of love. Thank you again for creating such lovely, precious remembrances for transplant patients. What an incredible gift you have, and you use it so graciously!”
L.C. Ohio 2012

“I wanted to say Thank You for the beautiful kidney pendant we received. I was overcome by emotion as was my husband when I gifted it to him. Because of you, we will always have a special keepsake to remind us of how special life is. I truly appreciate your kindness and value what you do for so many people. I look forward to placing a future order with you, Myra. My husband and I thank you with all our hearts!
T.R. New Jersey 2011

“The pendant is every bit as beautiful as I imagined. The colours mirror the beautiful area we live in with the greens of the hills and mountains and the blues of the sky, rivers, and sea. I am sure my daughter is going to be delighted and will wear it with pride. I thank you for all the thought you have put into making this such a lovely package, the pretty box, and the interesting cards. My husband loves his “HERO” card and is very proud to have been able to help our daughter in this way. Thank you once again – you are very talented to have created such beautiful jewelry and I wish you every success, both with your business and also with your health so that you may long be able to carry on doing what you are doing.”
T.Barrington. Conwy, North Wales, UK 2011

“I just want to tell you that I went to my pre-op on Monday…and the doctors and nurses there all commented on my beautiful Kidney bracelet. I love that it sparks a conversation and I can always use it to stimulate kidney awareness. I looked inside the box it came in and was amazed at the work you put into the cards and helplines that you sent. What a “gift” you are to me…a stranger whom I’ve never met…reaching out to help. I just want to give you the biggest hug ever. Thank you!”
F.D. Pennsylvania 2011

“Your jewelry has made wonderful gifts to those who have made the gift of life possible for me!”
L.S, New York 2011

“My husband recently gave me one of your sterling silver kidney pendants. It is really beautiful and I just love it!!! Thank you for sharing your artistic talents with the transplant community. Being a recipient is a privilege and not one to be taken lightly! It is so important that we help promote organ donor awareness. You are more than welcome to add my comments to your testimonials page. You have a wonderful website!”
S.S. Washington 2011

“This is the most unique gift I have ever seen! My (red kidney) earrings came in a precious box within a little bag…all very elegant. I will wear them to the hospital and keep them on long enough for the nurses and doctors to have a little chuckle. Then I will put them away for fear of some envious person trying to abscond with them while I am sedated.”
D.F. Illinois 2010

“I just wanted to let you know that the kidney pins arrived late yesterday afternoon, and I couldn’t be happier…your presentation was awesome!! THANK YOU!! I know the recipients are going to be thrilled. So happy that I found your website…You are doing a wonderful thing for so many people out there, and I’m thankful and very grateful to have met someone like you!! 🙂 I will highly recommend you!!
S.B Texas 2010

“She loved the necklace and she’s been wearing it ever since we gave it to her. Thank you for helping us to convey to this amazingly brave woman just how much her friends care about her and respect the gift she will be bestowing to another.”
K.C. Pennsylvania 2010

“I just opened the box and burst into tears. All those exquisite little “lungs”! I had the occasion to finally meet my donor’s parents a few months ago. I am hoping my donor’s father, who now works with a transplant services agency, will wear the pin I give him on his lapel and be reminded of all that his daughter was able to do for others, even in her death. I guess those of us lucky enough to have been saved by the generosity of others are destined to shake our heads in wonder every single day.”
G.S. California 2010

“Thank you so very much, Myra. It was truly a wonderful experience getting to do business with you on this gift. I know it will be very special, and as you say, a talisman for her.”
T.D. Oregon 2010

“I bought a kidney-shaped keychain from you months back and talked with you on the phone for some time. I’m very happy to report that my husband and his donor are doing fantastic!!!! My husband loved his kidney key-chain. Thanks again for your terrific website and the support you gave us during a very overwhelming time in our lives.”
L.F. Nevada 2010

“Myra, I LOVE the Kidney Pendant! I did not even have it on for an hour when someone in the market complimented it. Your website is great. I plan on getting more items very soon. I have my clinic appt next week and will, of course, be sporting the pendant!“
P.M. New York 2010

“ I am so happy I was able to obtain one of your “kidney” necklaces. My donor is a very wonderful, altruistic, loving person who will love the necklace. This will be symbolic of her gift to me. Your offerings are a blessing to those of us in search of ways to thank our donors and others in our lives who support us.”
J.S. Oregon

“My mother was very touched and I felt very fortunate to be able to give her such a personal and unique gift. I hope you continue to enrich others lives through your website! I truly appreciate what you are doing, keep up the good work!”
E.K. Missouri 2010

“The bracelet was a big hit! My donor really loved it and was wearing it after the surgery when she came up to my hospital room. I think your designs and your website are very vital to celebrating and appreciating our kidney donors. Thanks for your kind words and inspiration! Now the task at hand is to take care of this wonderful gift!”
R.G. California 2010

“The package arrived today and the pendant is beautiful. I’m sure she will be pleased with this special piece of jewelry and the lovely Hero card which will be on her box. Thank you for your creative jewelry. Continued good health to you and everyone who is either a donor or recipient. My friend is a Hero. This is truly a wonderful gift.”
S.B. New York 2009

“I wanted to let you know that my coordinator opened her very special gift, the Rose Quartz kidney pendant, and she loved it!! I was so amazed by the prompt delivery. The packaging was beautiful and the pendant was even more stunning in person than it is online!! The meaning of the rose quartz was a very nice touch. I had the hardest time picking out a gift for my coordinator, then I heard of your website from one of our donors. I am so glad that I found something so meaningful and significant. I will definitely pass out your cards and order from you in the future. I am more than happy to do business with you, especially knowing that you donate some of your profits. Thank you again, Myra!”
J.B. Arizona 2008

Myra, just wanted to let you know that I received the necklace and keychain today. They are beautiful. Glad to see that you had a card in with the items with some of your background. Loved the packaging. I wish you much success and good health. I have learned just how precious our kidneys are to us. Thanks so much for all your help and speedy delivery.”
S.S. New Jersey 2007

“I just wanted you to know that the keychain I purchased was absolutely beautiful! I bought it for my brother for Christmas. We celebrated the one year anniversary of my 3 yr old son’s transplant (my brother was his donor). I have had a hard time trying to express my gratitude for what he has done for my family. I know there is no way I can ever repay him but I wanted him to know how much it meant to me. Thank you so much for creating a special thank you for him. I’m hoping that each time he looks at it that he’s reminded of the wonderful act of love he gave.”
M.S. Georgia 2006