Kidney Donor Pendant- Sterling Silver, Mother of Pearl & Seed Pearl Necklace (KP-60PRL)


This is another variation on the KP-60 pendant I call “Kidney Within a Kidney.” It is made of sterling silver and the 20″ chain is made of wrapped fine sterling wire and small seed pearls, all very delicate in appearance. The necklace makes a wonderful living donor gift, or a gift for a donor family member if you are able to connect with them. It will always be a subtle reminder to the donor for the Gift of Life she gave.

The pendant is made of sterling and is set with hand cut pieces of Mother of Pearl. Other than the pendant shape, no two are alike and it is difficult to capture in photos how the light shifts on the MOP-Mother of Pearl areas. Some have slight color shifts in pink tones, others almost silvery metallic, all beautifully and carefully hand selected and placed and finished with great care. The pendant hangs 1-1/8″ long from the chain and is 1/2″ wide. The backside is smooth sterling and can be engraved at a future date at your local jeweler.

I designed the pendant and have them made to my specifications at a silversmith studio. This pendant is also available on a simple sterling chain as well as slightly larger glass pearl chain. See below.

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